welcome to myappointments

We have been providing businesses with management software solutions since 1986. Beginning with a small team of software developers who recognized a need for a better way to schedule appointments, we have helped thousands of businesses move from pen and paper into the digital age. Over the years, we have developed expertise in not just appointment scheduling, but also in the reminder and confirmation process, client management, and point of sale checkout. We understand that each business is unique, and each of our customers has its own requirements and ways of conducting business. This is why we have built MyAppointments to be easy to learn and use, but with the ability to configure how it works to best suit your specific needs.

our philosophy

Our basic philosophy has always been rooted in a commitment to your business. MyAppointments understands that the details of owning and running a business can be overwhelming. Our software is designed from the ground up focusing on the best way for you to run your business. MyAppointment's lean and simple screens allow you to quickly and efficiently accomplish what is necessary to manage your business. We have built in many advanced features that will help you: recurring appointments, blocking out time in your appointment book, and obtaining statistics on each of your customers. But the most commonly-used features are placed right up front, designed to require the fewest clicks possible. Each step of the way, it is easy to accomplish your task - even if it is your first time performing that task. In the rare situation where you are unsure how to proceed, our top-notch customer support is waiting to help.

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